Since 2005 I have been lecturing on peer intervention as Officer Survival. I've known many good cops during my career, and I've met many more since I retired. These are cops that helped save careers by living peer intervention as a partner, supervisor or mentor to other officers. On more than one occasion it was my career that was saved. But it wasn't always another cop that stepped up. Once it is was a typist; another time it was a family member. Once it was a good friend who saw I was on the wrong path and risked our lifelong friendship rather than see me lose the career I loved. Peer Intervention is about critical loyalty to ethical values that support the survival of your career, your freedom and your family.

Our Mission

To help our clients understand and practice peer intervention as an integral part of their commitment to serve and protect the officers, their families, and the citizens who place their trust in us. 

To share our stories of ethical survival with the knowledge that story telling engages our emotions, our values and our imaginations to help create a system that truly means  "With Liberty and Justice for All."  

“We believe this is the transformational tool that will catalyze our many ongoing reformation efforts and help make this agency one of the premier law enforcement organizations in the United States.”
— MIchael S. Harrison, Superintendent, New Orleans Police Department

What We've Achieved

  • Conducted Train the Trainer for Peer Intervention for the New Orleans Police Department. 
  • Featured in the New York Times as  "EPIC - Ethical Policing is Courageous"
  • Featured in the Police Executive Research Forum regarding the history of peer intervention in New Orleans. 
  • Worked closely with Dr. Ervin Staub, noted holocaust survivor and author of The Roots of Evil; The origins of genocide and other group violence and other great works on bystandership in implementing peer intervention in New Orleans under the name "EPIC - Ethical Policing is Courageous."